Our hosting accounts are beginner-friendly WordPress management systems that ensure that your changes can be made simply and in just a few clicks. No more confusing technical jargon to decipher.


  • Unlimited Sites
  • 30GB Space For Your Website
  • A Hundred-Thousands Visits Per Month
  • Important Features of WordPress
  • Premium Features of WordPress
  • Setup and Sell WordPress Features

Quick WordPress Set-up

You can quickly create a genuine and functional website by taking advantage of our distinctive and full-power WordPress Starter and our automatic WordPress installation.

WordPress Quick Install

We provide an easy click and install alternative to save you from the trouble of manually downloading, installing, and even configuring WordPress. The system that we use ensures that everything is taken care of at the beginning so it will be easier and faster for you to start modifying your WordPress website.


Start an Appealing and Effective Website

You can use our special WordPress Starter plugin after you install WordPress into our automated installer and enter into your website’s admin panel. This tool permits you to pick from a chosen collection of outstanding website designs and put key functionalities such as a portfolio, online store, contact forms, etc.

All these features you pick are automatically set in place on your website, which turns the default WordPress installation into an appealing and effective website, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Migrate From Your Existing Hosting Service

Is your website already hosted? You can move your WordPress website easily with our FREE Setup and Sell Migrator plugin!

Free Migration Plugin for WordPress

It is now made easier and free to migrate a site with our WordPress migration plugin. All you have to do is install our plugin on the website you want to transport or migrate. The Migration plugin tool will automatically move your entire website while keeping your configuration intact. What’s best about this is that it is FREE, and you can even use it for multiple migrations.

Manual Migration Service

You can have your WordPress transported or migrated by one of our specialists. This is a free service for one website in one of our plans. If you have two or more WordPress websites to transfer, then there is a fee for as low as $30 per website and we will do all the work for you! We know all the details on how to make this process easy and secure for you.