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Your website will be fully managed for you all day, every day. Your website will be kept updated and highly secure with a fully tailored security setup.

An average competent web developer rates in Taiwan will cost her about $40 (USD) per hour. For just 5 hours a week work that is $200 a month (and probably no weekends on either).

For the same price of $200 monthly, we offer you unlimited 24/7 website edits with our technical team that is always on standby, best of all they are specifically WordPress skilled as this is our main area of focus.

So if you need help at 3 am on a Saturday or 4 pm on a Tuesday we’ve got you covered. Our technicians are always available.

Additionally, unlike most freelance developers we don’t operate under a contract that’s designed to lock you in – We have a simple month to month payment method designed so that you are in control. That means that if you don’t need assistance for the next month you can place us on pause, or if you decide to you can easily cancel ANYTIME with NO extra fees. Sound good? Try a month and see what you think!

How do we help? What’s the process?

It’s easy! Make a clear video recording, or text is fine, and email it to the direct technical email we provide you when you sign up. Any time there’s a problem, edit or change on your website needed, send this through and we’ll take care of it for you like your very own personal WordPress angels.

Our average response time is 4-6 hours. Busy month, we’ve got you covered! As long as the task is clear we’ll take care of it. What if it’s not? We get back to you and help to clarify your needs and still take care of it for you. All edits are covered under your unlimited 24/7 monthly payment. Oh, unlike the freelancer developer we mentioned earlier… We work weekends 😉

Is that it? Nope – We’re not even close to done yet. 

You’ll get the following bonuses. (We usually price and value these for our clients at a total of $395 each month! For you – 100% free as a way of saying thank you for being a trusted early bird customer)

– Weekly plugin, theme & core file updates – $37 VALUE (monthly):

When you don’t keep your WordPress core files, your theme, or your plugins up to date, this is when things can go wrong! Bugs in how old versions and new versions interact on your website will appear, vulnerabilities become available to hackers, and website functions stop working for your users. You need someone to manage this for you and ensure that only safe stable updates are being regularly installed and updated. Our technicians will do this for you so that you never even need to think about it because you have bigger things to focus on in running your business.

– Cloud Backups: $67 VALUE (monthly):

We do this DAILY for you through our cloud server so your website doesn’t experience a slowdown. If anything ever goes wrong, worst case scenario backups are your safety net. This ensures you can always revert to your “saved version” without any problems. Just let us know, and we’ll fix it

– 24/7 uptime monitoring and Emergency support – $127 VALUE (monthly):

If your website crashes or goes down, how long until you would know? Until someone tries to make a purchase and it isn’t working? By then IT’S TOO LATE! We install uptime monitoring that will check EVERY MINUTE if your website is live to the public if it’s not then we get a notification immediately (probably before you even know about it) and fix the problem usually within minutes helping you experience minimum downtime, and maximum profit and customer satisfaction.

– Weekly reports: $47 value (monthly):

We don’t just backup your website, but we back up our claims too – Each week you will receive a report on your website in all areas of services we provide you’ll have one easy to read PDF summary in clear plain English of what is happening with your website and what needs your attention. Simple.

– iThemes Security Pro premium plugin and optimization: $80 VALUE (annually):

Bad guys ARE trying to access your website. If you think it hasn’t happened yet, that’s because you just don’t know about it – It’s only the ones who fail that you probably hear about. When you hire us, we can review your hack attempt and thanks to our partnership with iTheme Security to ensure you get the PRO version of this world-class lightweight security plugin to help protect your website against the bad guys getting your information, taking over your website or causing problems

– Google Analytics integration – $37 VALUE (one time):

We will ensure your analytics is tracking your visitors correctly so you know what you can improve for your business. Better conversions mean better sales

If you’re interested share your website information in the form below and we’ll get back to you immediately.