Seven WordPress Blogging Tips – How to Get Known in a Huge Way Using WordPress

There are so many great tips to help you get known in a huge way! We will talk about a few of them here.

1. Post often – Your readers and Google want new content. The way to make that happen is to post frequently. In fact, if you post on a schedule – like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will train your readers to come back to your blog on a schedule to see what’s new.

2. Use the Social Networks – like Twitter and Facebook. You can have your posts go automatically to both so your friends and followers will be alerted when you have posted something new.

3. Put up a Subscribe to my Feed invitation and then invite people to register for it. Explain what it is and just as importantly, tell people how to do it!

4. Write articles and send people to your blog. Submit your articles to EzineArticles for massive exposure!

5. Pay attention to your post titles. Grab your readers’ attention but use great keywords for the search engines. Spend some time crafting your title – it will pay dividends.

6. After the title the next important thing to craft is your opening line. This is the ‘hook’ – or what will want to keep people reading. If the opening line does not intrigue your reader, he will leave and likely not be back.

7. After your new post has been automatically announced on the social networks, go to your social network account and talk about your post. Since people are on these networks at different times, you want as many people as possible to see that you have a new post.

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