Use Free Legal Images for Your WordPress Site in 2 Clicks

All of us within the internet marketing community face the same problem. How to you quickly and effectively source great images for your sites without breaching copyright.

Very few of us are really clear about the rules and legalities of copying images. In reality, most people out there producing a website simply search Google images, download an image and use it on their site without properly attributing it to the source and owner.

There is a better way. By using a fantastic free tool, you can always find great images, quickly and easily incorporate them into your site’s posts or pages and relax in the knowledge that the attribution process has been handled for you.

The tool I use for this, which saves me loads of hours and trouble is PhotoDropper. Available at the PhotoDropper website this plugin for wordpress sites provides a great search engine for you of images available to use legally, it handles the import into your media gallery and then it inserts the correct link back to your source ensuring that you have complied with your obligations. Internet marketing has never been easier.

Adding images to your site is a must – with this tool you can do it quickly, simply and effectively while also honoring copyright on creative commons photos from Flickr.

To make use of the PhotoDropper tool, simply download it from the site provided. Once downloaded, head to the plug ins section of your wordpress site. Add a new plugin and upload the photodropper zip file downloaded.

Once uploaded, select activate and you are good to go.

When you create a post or page now, right beside the usual upload image icon you will see a small brightly colored icon which if hovered over will display a tool tip “Find the Right Photo with PhotoDropper”.

If you select this you will be taken to a search box – enter your search term for the image you need on your site and you will be provided with hundreds of potential images all of which are free to use under the creative commons license terms.

Once you select an image you can choose to the left hand side the “insert into post” option. This will then upload that chosen image to you media library, it can be inserted in to your post or page and at the bottom of the relevant post or page there will be an attribution (a link back to the creator’s image on Flickr).

Through two clicks you will have the image you need, it will be legal to use this and the owner of the image will receive the correct link back to their image – a win win for everyone.

I highly recommend that WordPress site owners all install this great plugin on their sites and take advantage of the huge number of free, legal images available legally.

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